Do you want to experience flying without gravity? Take part in a weightless flight on a modified 727 aircraft with Zero Gravity and see what it’s like to fly like Superman!


I’m a filmmaker, explorer, and storyteller who’s spent the last three decades exploring and creating visual stories in multiple mediums for high-profile clients. I have a knack for consistently finding myself in unusual situations in offbeat locations with fascinating people. These are my stories.

Do you ever have those “pinch me” moments when you can’t believe where you are, what you’re doing, or who you’re with?  My part-time job fits that description exactly. It’s not your typical part-time job. Let’s call it my “fun job” because I can’t believe I get paid to do it. You see, I’m a Zero Gravity coach for Zero Gravity Corporation. My job is to teach people how to float in the air and enable scientific research in a weightless environment.

Haley Jackson Buzz Aldrin Zero G
Zero-G with Buzz Aldrin

Experience a true weightless environment

We take people and experiments into weightless situations in G-FORCE ONE -a modified 727 aircraft flying parabolic flights. You’ve all seen footage of astronauts on the shuttle or the space station where everything is floating around. Not only do we provide research and training flights for NASA, but we also make this experience possible for the general public. Now you can float weightlessly like the astronauts train to go into space. It’s a HUGE amount of fun!

There is nothing like floating, doing flips, and flying through the air like Superman!

Why Is It Important To Study Weightlessness?

Besides being incredibly fun, Zero-G has an important scientific mission. The unique environment created by zero gravity allows scientists and other researchers to study phenomena that might not be possible on Earth. In addition, astronauts are able to practice tasks that will be necessary during their stay in space without having to leave the planet. We use zero gravity flights for both scientific research purposes as well as providing an unforgettable experience for people who want to feel like they are floating through space.

The Benefits of Zero Gravity Experiments

Weightlessness experiments have multiple benefits. Not only do they provide us with valuable data about how our bodies react to the lack of gravity but they also allow us to understand how things function and behave in space. For example, we can observe how fluids move when there is no gravity acting upon them. This information can then be used to better understand how satellites work in orbit or even help astronauts prepare for missions on future spacecrafts. In addition, understanding microgravity environments can help scientists develop new medicines or materials that are not affected by gravity.

The Zero-G Experience

Taking part in a zero-gravity flight is an unforgettable experience – there’s nothing quite like it! From the moment you step onto G-FORCE ONE, you know you’re embarking on an adventure like no other; you’ll get to see things from a completely different perspective as you float around inside the cabin and experience pure freedom from the constraints of gravity. Plus, if you’re lucky enough, you might even get to witness some amazing scientific breakthroughs during your time onboard! But most importantly – it’s just plain fun! You’ll never forget the feeling of flying through the air without a care in the world – it’s truly magical!

One of the first people I coached was a Yogi. He wanted me to take his picture while floating in the lotus position. I think he was onto something – it is a peaceful, blissful, and Zen-like experience. It’s a feeling of pure freedom from the constraints of gravity. 

Haley Jackson working in Zero Gravity
Turning flips in Zero-G

You even forget you’re in a large aircraft flying like a roller coaster.

Can you imagine flying along on your Southwest commuter flight, looking out your window, and seeing another 727 flying straight up in the air and then taking a nose dive for 20-45 seconds and then repeating? It’s not extreme–the pull–up maneuver is 45 degrees, and the push-over is 20 degrees. The whole move takes about 65 seconds. Now that I think about it, I would love to see that from another airplane. It’s not like you see 727s flying parabolas at air shows. (I have to insert a disclaimer here that Zero-G gets its own airspace, so it doesn’t get near other air traffic and freak out its passengers. It’s also highly safe.)

Weightlessness truly is an unforgettable experience – there is nothing like it. It’s hard to explain adequately. How do you describe a sunset to the blind or music to the deaf? If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to fly, float, what gravity feels like on the moon or Mars, what the astronauts feel in the space station, or if you ever wanted to fly like Superman… Zero-G is for you.

Experience weightlessness for yourself. Book a flight here. Tell them Haley sent you.

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