I'm comfortable being the creative behind the scenes,
but sometimes people want to know who I am.

My why

I love telling stories.
It’s what I live for.

There is something exciting about telling a good story and working on technically challenging projects. As a producer and director, I find material, shape it, and build momentum around it to actualize it as content in the medium of my choice. Every project is a new enterprise that needs to be taken from imagination to reality. They are not only creative ventures, but business entities. These productions: be they film, television, online or all of the above, need a savvy producer and a trailblazing director to see them through from the creative process, to production, to business strategy.  Every single project, no matter what, is met with passion and purpose. The vibe is contagious and I love my job.

What makes me unique

Tales from
zero gravity

Haley has over 100 hours working in microgravity and a zero gravity environment. She’s helped astronauts learn to maneuver in zero gravity, assisted on countless scientific experiments in microgravity, and consulted and assisted the zero gravity portions of film shoots. 

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Haley Jackson

Explorer, Trailblazer, Chief Storyteller, Award-winning Director and Producer. One of a handful of women Explorers Club Fellows and one of the only women large format 3D directors.



Haley an award-winning producer, director and writer.  She helps visionary entrepreneurs, including authors, startups, teachers, speakers, creative professionals, businesses, scientists, explorers, and adventurers take their stories from imagination to reality, tailored for multiple formats — from iPhone™ to large screen 3D.

Her can-do approach has earned her a reputation as a results-getter for leading-edge clients – from James Cameron to Al Gore, WIRED to the X PRIZE, Baywatch to Barbie, Titanic to the Space Shuttle, and more.

She’s built a career on hard work, risk-taking, leadership, and a strong knack for building lasting client relationships.  Haley’s purpose and passion lies in inspiring and engaging the public through visual storytelling.

She has produced and directed on dozens of complex, large  and award-winning projects, from the edges of space to deep beneath the ocean, for clients such as Lightstorm Entertainment, The Climate Reality Project, The X PRIZE Foundation, Mojave Air and Spaceport, A&E, PBS, Discovery Channel, Science Channel, The California Science Center and WIRED.

Haley recently produced thirteen short documentary films in fourteen countries in nine weeks and she recently won ten Tellys for her work with 24 Hours of Reality. 

Don't just take our word for it

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