How to fly like Superman

Wow! Do you ever have those “pinch me” moments, when you can’t believe where you are, what you’re doing or who you’re with?

My part time job fits that description exactly.  It’s not your typical part time job.  Let’s just call it my “fun job” because  I can’t believe I actually get paid to do it.  You see, I’m a  Zero Gravity coach for Zero Gravity Corporation.  My job is to teach people how to float in the air.

How to fly like Superman!
Flying like Superman!

We take people and experiments into weightless situations in G-FORCE ONE -a modified 727 aircraft flying parabolic flights.   You’ve all seen footage of astronauts on the shuttle or on the space station where everything is floating around.  Not only do we provide research and training flights for NASA, we also make this experience possible for the general public.  Now you can float weightless the same way the astronauts train to go into space.  It’s a HUGE amount of fun!

There is nothing like floating, doing flips and flying through the air like Superman!

It’s a feeling of pure freedom from the constraints of gravity.  One of the first people I coached was a Yogi.  He wanted me to take his picture while he was floating in the lotus position.  I think he was onto something – it really is a peaceful, blissful and Zen like experience.

You even forget that you’re in a large aircraft that’s flying like a roller coaster.

Can you imagine flying along on your Southwest commuter flight, looking out your window and seeing another 727 flying straight up in the air and then taking a nose dive for 20-45 seconds and then repeating?  It’s actually not that extreme – the maneuver on the  pull-up is  45 degrees and the push-over 20 degrees.  The whole move takes about 65 seconds.  Now that I think about it, I would love to see that from another airplane.  It’s not like you see 727’s flying parabolas at air shows.  (I have to insert a disclaimer here that Zero G gets it’s own airspace, so it doesn’t get near other air traffic and freak out their passengers. It’s also extremely safe.)

Weightlessness truly is an unforgettable experience – there is nothing like it.  It’s hard to explain adequately.  How do you explain a sunset to the blind or music to the deaf?   If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to fly, float, what gravity feels like on the moon or Mars or what the astronauts feel in the shuttle or if you ever wanted to fly like Superman… Zero G is for you.

Experience weightlessness for yourself. Book a flight here. Tell them Haley sent you.